Star Recruiters of January 2017

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In early days, before the days of agriculture, there were hunter gatherers. The ones who scoured and explored the land for food for the rest of their society. In a way, these guys were the recruiters of the whole team who depended on them to survive. Now replace early societies with corporate teams of today which survive and thrive on amazing talent. Without talented folks, there would be no team, no problem solvers, and finally no innovation. And who puts all these teams together? Who explores the unseen corners of the talent landscape to find out that perfect gem for your team? Who’s the hunter-gatherer of this corporate society? I think you know the answer. Recruiters are the life force of any team (or company). Without them, we would be lost. So starting today, we are launching our monthly series to recognise the best and the brightest of teambuilders. We’re very grateful and excited to work with these heroes. And we’re happy to recognise their efforts to build teams with the help of our platform Instahyre. Without further wait, here are our recruiting heroes for the month of January 2017.

‘Talent Sniper’ Award star recruiters award

This month’sTalent Sniper’ award is given to Arvind Murthy of Pharmeasy for his ability to find out the best talent and reaching out to most number of candidates. Arvind has made the best use of our InstaMatch algorithm to find appropriate candidates within a very short span of time. We are glad that our algorithm is helping him cut down his hiring time.

‘Talent Magnet’ Award

star recruiters award This month’s award for Talent Magnet’ is given to Shruti Alva of Capillary Technologies for her ability to attract the most number of inbound applications on her job posting. The huge number of applicants is attributed to a really clear and detailed job descriptions provided by Shruti, and maintaining a strong employer brand by providing all the information on the platform. Here is what their employer page looks like. This helped candidates have a look of the company and hence attracted more applications. We congratulate Shruti and Arvind for this achievement. We will award all outstanding recruiters each month. Stay tuned to this blog!]]>