Star Recruiters of February 2017

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One who brings in the best talent? The one with the largest network? Or the one with special sourcing powers to discover candidates from most unlikely places? Well, star recruiters are all that and more. She’s a great communicator, an expert networker, a matchmaker, a coach, and an excellent empathizer. A recruiter is the first touch of a candidate with your brand. She basically creates the candidate experience from scratch. From building trust with applicants and understanding their needs to clearly communicating the company vision, they do it all. So, in our bit to recognise and celebrate the indomitable spirit of the finest team builders that work with Instahyre, we’re here with our Star Recruiters of the Month. These are the recruiting rock stars for the month of February. Let’s meet them.

‘Talent Sniper’ Award

Star Recruiters of February 2017This month’s ‘Talent Sniper’ award goes to Jisha Bawa of Kartrocket for her unique skills to identify and reach out to the most number of candidates. Jisha zeroed in on the most talented candidates quickly by sharply using InstaMatch algorithm that runs the Instahyre platform. We are elated to assist Jisha in her efforts and look forward to providing her the best experience without exception.

‘Talent Magnet’ Award

Star Recruiters of February 2017Arpita Sharma of Loginext is the ‘Talent Magnet’ of February for attracting the most number of inbound applicants on her job postings. With her expert knowledge of candidate needs, she constantly posted clear, precise job descriptions which drew in highly relevant applicant crowd. Arpita also made the best use of Instahyre’s employer branding solutions by maintaining an irresistible brand page of Loginext. This offered candidates a peek inside the real culture and values of the company, thus appealing to their ideal target candidates. We congratulate Jisha and Arpita again for their exemplary performances and wish them all the best. We’ll be back again next month with the star recruiters of this month folks. See ya!  ]]>