How to read Job Postings to know how to impress recruiters!

If you want to impress the recruiter in an job interview it is very important for you to understand what exactly he is looking for in an ideal candidate. Job Posting helps you understand the exact requirements of a recruiter.

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Let’s face it, the objective is to Find a job where you fit in and the company values. To make this happen you need to be able to read between the lines of such job postings. In this article, I’ll share with you some practical no-nonsense advice that will help.

How to read job postings:

Keywords matter

The first step is to apply on job sites (like if you’re looking for a job. Now, once you’re on the website, everything begins with a keyword. Every job posting will have multiple keywords. But among those, there will be some which matter the most. Focus on them. Actually, we discovered a nifty little tool that gives you the exact keywords a company is looking for.

Job requirements matter (not the other fluff)

The second step is to scan the job postings. When you read you must sometimes read between the lines. This means looking past the fluff. Fluff is generic information that is found throughout most job postings. This information is industry jargon.

What you’re really looking for is information that is job specific. Companies usually use templates that make job posting easier and less time-consuming for them. Then they add in the specifics related to the individual job they’re looking to fulfil. This is what you want to pinpoint early on. This information will tell you whether or not you’re a good match for what the company is looking for and if you’d even enjoy working in the position or not.

Job Posting
Let’s face it, companies want to save time, and so do you. Thus, nobody has the time to go through thousands of job descriptions found online. You have to take a strategic approach to finding the most ideal job for you. This involves filtering.

Filtering is assessing quickly what is valid and useful and what is not. When you’re looking over a job posting you want to make sure you get straight to the job requirements part of the job posting. This way you can forego all the other irrelevant parts of the posting.

Your skills matter (not how badly you need a job)

And this is the third step which could as easily be the first step. You know, I like to tell people that the rest of the posting is icing on the cake. But that’s not just a cliche. It’s just that if you cannot fulfil the job requirements, then there is no point in looking for the benefits package, company history, company values, etc. Everything else may be a perfect fit for what you’re looking for but if you cannot do the job, nothing else matters, not one bit. You want to make sure you have the skills, then read over the other part.

Reviews matter

The fourth and final step is looking at reviews that past employees may have posted relating to the job. These reviews will also give you insightful tips and an overall advantage when it comes to interviewing for the position. Sites like Glassdoor provide good advice in this regard.

And that brings us to the conclusion. To get value from this article, you need to remember one crucial detail I didn’t mention above. That is – Every job posting has certain criteria which must be met to get the job. However, if you cannot meet those requirements, then don’t give up; rather, keep searching for a job that you can do and which may be a better fit for you. Take charge and start searching for job postings today that lands you that dream job that you were made for!

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