Diversity in India- where does it stand?

With the introduction of remote work in various industries and companies the diversity ratio has seen a significant rise and is being redefined with the inclusion of more and more segments of the society.

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India has come a long way regarding diversity and inclusion, especially in the last few decades. From hardly having a 10% female employee average to women-led companies and opening the doors for other diverse segments of the society and making it a more and more equal space for everyone. We spoke to recruiters from some of the most renowned companies in the country to get their views on their take on diversity in the workplace and the strategies they have been employing.

Dennis Willfred

Talent Acquisition at Equinix - APAC

Broadening the definition of diversity at Equinix

Diversity in India for a long has just been about gender, female candidates specifically, but now we are moving towards ethnicity, people from a military background, people with disability, and people with neurological issues. At Equinix, we have a dedicated program called ‘Pathways’ where we look at diversity as a whole and not just focus on filling 30% of positions with female candidates. Instead, we look at 30% diversity, including but not limited to veterans, people with disability, the LGBTQ+ community and gender.


So, if one criterion fails to provide the required diversity in the workplace, we try to look for others. We have many programs, including various levels, from entry-level to leadership.

J.Anish Kumar

Manager - Talent Acquisition at PayPal

Advocating diversity at PayPal

At PayPal, diversity and inclusion are vital components when hiring. Having a global presence puts in a lot of responsibility. We do our best to advocate for diversity, be it the LGBTQ community, the black lives matter movement, or people from different races and ethnicities. PayPal has a program in place for becoming a more diverse and inclusive company as we continue to grow.

Chandrashekhar G.

Manager - Talent Acquisition at Harness

Supporting women employees with dedicated programs at Harness

Harness has about 21% of the employees who belong to the diversity segment. We have women at Harness initiative that focuses on helping our female employees optimise their potential. We conduct seminars and workshops with the women leaders to help our employees achieve a healthy work-life balance while progressing in their careers.

Vijay Arcot

Director - Talent Acquisition at Y Media Labs

Focusing on diversity right from the beginning at YML

We closed the year 2021 with a 48% diversity ratio. However, we would love to have more female leaders in the firm; currently, we stand at around 30-35%. Whenever I have to hire for diversity purposes, the primary focus is to reach out to the right candidate and then closely engage with the candidates found. We have conducted drives, and virtual engagements focused on female candidates. To hire the candidates, you need to focus on answering one question- why should they join your firm? Once you answer this question, it becomes easier to pitch to the candidates and engage effectively. This has drastically brought down the offer drop rate.

Key Takeaways:

  • India is redefining diversity and inclusion and making it a broader spectrum expanding to the LGBTQ+ community, physical and neurological disabilities, veterans, etc.
  • The women in the workforce have seen their all-time high contribution in 2021.
  • Diversity needs to be rooted as a significant aspect and should be right from sourcing.
  • There needs to be a well-defined hyper-personalized focus on engagement with diversity candidates.
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