Diversity requirement- The do's and don'ts

There are numerous benefits of DEI hiring yet when it comes to the implementation of the same most companies struggle to live up to the goals they set themselves. The employees continue to feel the disparity and the lack of representation because 31% of organizations still don’t have any D&I representation at the top-level management.

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Globally, only 4% of organizations have been succeeding in the implementation of key dimensions for successful D&I programming. Shocking, right! Well, those are the facts for now. 


We are all aware of the numerous benefits of DEI hiring yet when it comes to the implementation of the same most companies struggle to live up to the goals they set themselves. The employees continue to feel the disparity and the lack of representation because 31% of organizations still don’t have any D&I representation at the top-level management. People believe in what they see and this lack of representation is more often than not what creates the perception and at times even leads to the potential D&I recruits question if the company is ready to adapt to the change. So what can be done?

Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when you are going through DEI hiring.

Do’s for DEI hiring

Look beyond gender, race, and caste


Often when we talk about diversity and inclusion the first couple of things to pop up in our heads are gender, race, caste, and religion. However, that’s not all that concludes diversity, there’s a lot more you should be considering if you want to be known as a truly diverse workplace. To be precise there are seven components of diversity- Cultural diversity, Racial diversity, Religious diversity, Age diversity, Sex / Gender diversity, Sexual orientation, and Disability.


One of the major reasons is it requires a certain amount of infrastructure changes as well as a change in the mindset of the current workforce. It’s 2021, and still, only 55% of the organizations say that they have policies in place that promote diversity and inclusion, according to a survey. So try to push your boundaries, even if it’s one step at a time, and include more and more aspects of diversity in your firm.


Adapt and educate current employees


If you are planning to increase diversity at your workplace the first thing you need to look into before deploying your recruitment strategy is to be ready to onboard such employees. Any new change requires some adjustments, make sure you are ready for it. And not just by improving infrastructure but by awaring and educating your current employees as well.


One of the biggest reasons why diversity and inclusion efforts fail is because we often forget to consider our current as a vital component of the infrastructure. Diversity and inclusion are much like democracy- of the people, by the people, and for the people. So, make sure your centre of attention is people, present and soon-to-be.


Be vocal and advocate diversity


Now, this one might sound and seem like nothing but a marketing move but it is not. If you are finding it difficult to initiate diversity hiring immediately, the one thing you can do is being an ally and advocating for diversity. And make sure your employees are in this with you.


A survey revealed that as many as 30% of employees believe that there isn’t conversation about D&I in their organizations and only 54% of employees were satisfied with their D&I policies and conversation. While the number might appear decent to a lot of us, given the present times and scenario it is alarming and requires immediate action. So, make sure you are not just talking about it to the outside world but within the organization as well. 


Learn from others


If you are just starting with your D&I recruitment and exploring the various aspects that you need to consider, there’s no harm in looking at what other brands are doing to get inspired. Whenever we set out to start something new there is always the confusion of where to begin and the fear of failure.


This confusion and fear grow manifolds when it is a sensitive matter like incorporating diversity and being more inclusive. So, why not play it safe and see how global brands or organizations from your industry are achieving their diversity recruitment goals.

Swetha Harikrishnan

HR Director, HackerEarth

We are about 30 % plus in our organization.The intent was simple, we haven’t put a focus on it but it was embedded in our culture. The focus only has been totally on diversity and inclusion. We need more diverse talent because it does make business sense too. It does impact business.


It does impact our clients. It does reflect on our product so that we are very, very sure of, but that we bake into a hiring process in itself, but not really trying to gauge personality type person is really saying, Hey, this is the job in hand and we need creativity. So we need diversity in different points of you. Can you bring in that? So we ask questions asking specifically on that. We have absolutely no D&I programs within the company as its in our culture and an integral part of it.

Dont’s for DEI hiring

Jump right ahead


Most companies, often when they decide on having a more diverse workforce they immediately jump to action and start with the recruitment plan. However, that’s not the right way to approach diversity and inclusion recruitment. The first and foremost thing to do is look into your current workforce and process to analyze how you need to approach diversity.


Look at your current status, see where and how you can improve, enhance your workplace, and then dive into the candidate pool looking for the appropriate candidates who would fit the firm like a missing puzzle piece. If you start the hiring process before looking at where you currently stand you won’t be able to achieve the desired results.


Eliminate your current employees


Going to onboard new employees but haven’t spoken to your new employees about the expectations and their inputs? Think twice. If you were to hire new employees in general wouldn’t consider having a conversation with your current employees? Then why should this be any different!


According to research, 32% of employees feel that diversity hiring can hold back a company’s progression. One of the reasons is because they are unaware of the benefits, and how the only impact of diversity and inclusive hiring is growth and development within the organizations and for it as well.


Limit to just recruiting


What is the general process of hiring? Broadly planning, screening, selection, and onboarding, right? Then why only plan till selection when it comes to diversity hiring? It is a common mistake. When you are recruiting diverse candidates you need to be more mindful about the onboarding process than while recruiting your general candidates. Ensure that you are prepared for them, let everyone know that your company is growing not only in terms of quantity and quality but diversity as well.


Put in extra efforts to make them feel at home, ask and understand their needs if you are new to this field. Trust us, they won’t judge you if you ask them questions about the right way to treat them. Don’t be laid back in prepping for their onboarding process.


Let subconscious bias affect your goals


Okay, now this is essential whenever you are recruiting. We know that subconscious bias is the silent villain of your diversity hiring process. You don’t see it, don’t hear about it, don’t even notice it, but it is there- slowly ruining your plans on having a diverse workforce. Be extremely mindful of starting with a blank canvas, as in, don’t think of your current workforce. The moment you think about the present, in this case, you end up ruining your future. If you think about your current composition of staff you will end up trying to find similarities to ensure the candidates you are hiring can blend in with them. This subconscious bias will end up being detrimental to your set goals.


Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is a boon, that will not just change the company’s structure as a whole but also contribute to broad-mindedness among your employees which will end up contributing to the society, nation and global level as well. So, think about it, this one thing will make you a star, for sure. So, what are you waiting for?

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Chandrashekhar G.

Manager Talent Acquisition at Harness

As of today in India, we have around 25% percent of our employee base as diversity hires. We are doing specific drives only for diversity candidates. We have our ‘Women at Harness’ initiative, where we call in external speakers to discuss how they balance work and life. We share some of the good practices about how women leaders have been successful in the industry.