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4 Tips to Create a Really Cool Company Culture

Today, a "Friendly Workplace" is not enough to keep top employees engaged and happy. Your office needs a culture that makes you feel right at home...

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If not for logos, companies do not have faces.

Instead, companies have employees as their most important representation. How they deal with clients, how they look at problems, and how they behave at their workplaces, speaks a lot about the values, ethics, practices, and beliefs of the company. In short, the company culture.

While company culture is not tangible, every workplace still has cues that reveal the culture. It is visible in the way a company makes decisions, hires people, explores opportunities, resolves internal and external conflicts, and even in the way they introduce changes and new directions.

Thus, the establishment of company culture is as important as the company itself.

How? Well, it’s really basic.

4 Culture Tips to Turn Your 'Friendly Workplace' into a Rockin' HQ

When employees enjoy their work in an organisation, they most likely give their best in rendering their responsibilities. Always the best foot forward! In turn, happy employees make happy customers.

Now, if you noticed, successful companies always find great employees who are satisfied and enthusiastic to perform their tasks, upholding values aligned to the company culture.

There are a lot of factors that affect happiness and satisfaction level of employees in a company. Without a doubt, first one of them is a friendly workplace. To increase productivity and efficiency at work, employers must be keen enough to organise the workplace.

Here are four effective ways to turn a “friendly office” into a rockin’ workplace and improve Company Culture:

1. Open communication

First, create a workplace with open communication, where co-workers are free to speak, share ideas, advice, and complaints will enhance employees’ social skills. Inspiring your people to socialise is one of the essential aspects of an open communication. Why not allow them to spend their breaks in the pantry for a quick group bonding?

2. Value respect

Remember, a friendly workplace is where respectful coworkers work together for the greater good. So, while effective communication means allowing the other person to speak and listen, to respect is to accept each one’s differences in terms of religion, principles, and preferences. 

Of course, with respect, especially in multicultural organisations, coworkers see each other as the same human being. They feel equally important in the company regardless of differences in colour, race, and gender. In short, a friendly workplace is where respect resides.

3. Build a great team 

Getting to know each other outside of the workplace is an effective way of knowing your coworkers on a personal level. And, that’s why team building activities are common to most companies.

Moreover, this fosters collaboration, makes cooperation meaningful, and creates friendship among employees. Team building can greatly influence productivity and efficiency in a friendly workplace.

4. Learn to appreciate

Celebrating small victories in a friendly workplace, most likely, does more good than harm to company culture. Good employees stay in companies that appreciate and give credits to a job well done.

Recognition motivates employees to give their best every time they are given important projects. Just shaking hands or a coffee treat can breed a happy and top performing employee in a friendly workplace.

Although company culture can become a complex idea, like a food web where preys breed predators, it breeds more people to work in the achievement of a common goal – success.

Company culture defines a company. A great company is defined by its productive people. Great people thrive in a friendly workplace. That’s how we reach company success.

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