#CoffeeWithHR : How Monica, Talent Acquisition Specialist of Roposo, Finds The Right Talent With Instahyre

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Monica, who is the Talent Acquisition Specialist for an interesting QnA session to get insights into their hiring methodologies, tools they use and how they find the right fit for the organisation.

Monica (L) -Talent Acquisition Specialist, Roposo and Isha Raj (R) – Account Manager, Instahyre

Monica told us a few great things about her thought on finding “Right Talent” for Roposo and a few tips for recruiters who are at a early stage in this profession.  So, Let’s dig in without any delay.

Describe yourself in a word or sentence. And Why do you think so ?

Monica :  If I have to describe myself in a word then I would say I am very organised because with the beginning of each day, I start thinking about things that I have to do that day and then I prioritize my things accordingly. Even when I come to office I prioritize the tasks by making a list and then working accordingly! So whether it is at office or in my personal life as well, I take a very organised approach towards my work. 

Tell us about your typical day at work?

Monica : I reach office around 9:30 AM and start my day at work with checking all the emails and look for the Interviews that have been lined for that day. After that I schedule the meetings for the day and take a look at all the job posting we have done in the previous day, how candidates are coming along, are the applications for the openings ,relevant or not.  If not, I try to modify it better match with kind of applications we need or how can we align it according to our needs.
After that I start making the calls and I also work with the social media team to work on the employer branding part to see exactly that how people are responding. If candidates are viewing job openings but the application flow is not as expected, I look for possible reasons behind the major gap between the job views and the actual application. I even take care of what do people think about us in globally since I manage all the pages also to see that if somebody has given reviews, touchwood that we haven’t received any negative review but even if we have any, I try to deal with it in an appropriate manner and understand what it’s all about!
After that I start taking interviews around 11:30am as we have scheduled them. So we start the initial round and if the candidate are through that, we pass him to our tech team from which we take active feedback and once the interview and everything are done we take a feedback from candidate as well that how their experience has been because it’s very important from company’s end also. It is important because candidates have taken out time for the interview and their time is also valuable and may be if not now they will be working with you in future.
After that the usual HR work is there like creating emails and engaging with the employees within the companies as well and understanding that if they are not able to interact or exchange their ideas then what can we do to sit together and think about it and lastly the day end at what are the deliverable to be meet,were they met and if not what is the pipeline which is to be built for the entire week or how we are suppose to be concentrating on it in the next step!   

What challenges do you generally face in recruiting? How do you overcome that?

Monica : I think the major challenges that everyone faces in the domestic industry specially for product is the quality – not only in terms of how good technical skills they possess but also on the grounds of how fit are they- analytically and logically, so they can align with the team they are going to join.
Apart from technical skills and aligning with company goals, will they fit in the company culture ?.
The second thing is that, this market is very service dominated, so we primarily look for people who can come with an experience in the service industry. They should not have a mindset their strong technical skills are enough for the company. Rather but they should extend their thinking in terms of how can they add value to the product. So, the thinking capability of the candidates is also a limiting factor that I have faced.
Lastly, the filtering process i.e. picking out just the relevant candidates is a huge task and it takes a lot of time in shortlisting!

Any methods that you use to overcome that?

Monica : As of now what we do is to ask candidates for an initial write up in our screening round.  We also put questions to them to understand what do they know and think about our product. This is mandatory because I feel that till the time candidate doesn’t know about the product we can’t process them further.

What advice do you have for someone who is just starting for TA or HR?

Monica :  I think as a HR the first thing which is very important is to communicate and communication does not mean that you should be talking or speaking well but in the terms that if somebody is teaching you, you should be open to learning or may be you might not agree with it but it’s very important that you listen. Your listening skill has to be very good and if you are not understanding feel free to go there and ask the right question. The right question doesn’t mean that it can’t be stupid but if you don’t understand it, it is very necessary to ask it.
Every company works differently so you need to understand the dynamics of every market and the dynamics of every company. I personally coming from a consultancy background. There are so many things that are common to my previous role as well as my current role but I still search for different ways of doing things. For instance, I had an ATS (applicant tracking system) at my previous company so everything was very organised. Over here I have an excel system that I have to work upon so I have to really streamline the process to what I had learned earlier. So I picked up a certain feature from that application tracking system to just see how can I streamline day to day process without missing out on any candidate or procedure.
So I think it is important to learn from the previous organisation and one should never forget where he/she are coming from. Also people should take the learn from the colleagues and apply their theoretical learnings in their practical day to day life as well.

Any app or tool you can’t live without that makes your life easy in recruitment?

Monica : I have to say I am a big fan of Linkedin because I have been using it since the beginning of my career. Although I don’t use it for hiring but I have a good network of candidates for my candidate pool and since it’s a professional network  so irrelevant doesn’t get added. It is one of the apps that I have to look almost everyday because I get to network with people, read interesting articles. I even get to understand what is my network’s basic interest  and according to it I can leverage it in a personal or professional way.

How do you conduct a team building activity or team building engagement?

Monica : Right now we have like quarterly MOMs, this is like ask me anything, we have like company gathering where in the entire team, the entire company basically meet in a room and they discuss about the product that how we have contributed to the product in last 3 months and if they have certain ideas to work upon it.

Roposo is a young company, we have different department as well so we also have certain connection or team building activity where we play certain games. We have certain “All ideas matter” activities as well where we put a board and we ask them to give their ideas to connect with one another, to see how differently they can show their ideas for any particular product, apart from that we go out for parties as well on a quarterly basis.

How do you unwind yourself / What is ‘your happy place’? (hobbies) Favorite shows/Music/Getaway destination/Favorite restaurant ?

Monica : Mostly I go and read books or I watch a series like my current one is “Boston Legal”  it’s a funny series on lawyers and I also workout sometime because like its a great stress buster, I sometime do sport activity because you keep sitting entire day so you want to do some physical workout to make your mind work.
That’s all folks!
Hope you have got some insights into how Roposo hires talented professionals.
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