How to Choose a Dream Career that You’ll Love

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How to find your dream career?

The right answer lies in a combination of knowing your true self, using the people you know to your advantage and focusing on building value for yourself and others instead of thinking about money. If your work doesn’t feel like the conventional miserable “work”, you have the best career in the world. Let’s see how we can achieve that.

Dream Career

How to choose a Dream Career?

Choosing according to own values

Here’s a list that’ll greatly narrow down the choices.

  1. Take a psychological test such as the Myers-Briggs and start to decide on how to choose a Dream Career based on its recommendations.
  2. Think about the causes you care about most and for which you would like to make a difference in the world. Which paths could lead you to the completion of your cause?
  3. Avoid getting in a line of work just because of money or prestige. Ultimately, you will dread every minute spent in the golden cage you call office then.
  4. Think about 5-10 people you admire. Try writing down why you would like a dream career similar to theirs to identify the true motivators. Look for a pattern in the reasons.

Highlighting the no go’s

Boundaries make a person happy and healthy by creating a necessary protective environment. Define your own and list the actions you wouldn’t accept, even when the job offers good money.
Be sure to take into consideration the demands of each job such as working in shifts or travelling for extended time periods. Also, consider the impact such requirements would have on your life, schedule or even health.
How to choose a dream career is an important decision that impacts all aspects of your life so don’t forget to think about other areas too, like family time.

Defining strong points

Once you have your mind set on a certain range of jobs, think about how to choose a dream career that fits the description. Evaluate your ability to apply to such positions by studying in depth the profile of the ideal candidate listed in job descriptions. Also, create a portfolio.
Now, make a list of the traits you already have and things you lack for that job. If you need additional certifications, just schedule the time and resources to get them.
Afterwards, draft a cover letter to apply to each of those jobs as an exercise in your endeavour of choosing a dream career.

Networking for success

Once you know what gets you ticking and what you excel at, it is time to put to good use your circle of friends. In the novel “Connected”, the authors suggest that the most useful people in finding a job are not your close friends, but friends of friends.
Ask for recommendations and get the word out. Be specific and describe the type of job you are looking for and also, why do you think you are good at it. Online professional platforms can play a role in this step too, but old school networking is still alive.

Final thoughts on how to choose a dream career

If you have already identified a certain job that fits the picture, ask for an introduction, or get creative in your application process. Just be sure to answer the question “Why you?”
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