5 Amazing Companies To Find Your Dream Job This Week

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Although you can always check great jobs at these companies by dropping in here, we like to make sure you don’t miss even a single one.
So, without wasting your time, here are 5 amazing companies to find your job this week.


dream job at tapzo

You’re not meeting Tapzo for the first time. Before Tapzo rebranded, you had it on your smartphone with a familiar name – Helpchat. And if you really don’t know Tapzo, now will be a good time.

Tapzo is India’s biggest All-in-One app that helps you get more things done from a single app. Seriously, all-in-one! You can book cabs, order food, recharge & pay bills, discover deals & offers, and see horoscopes just from a single app.

Tapzo now boasts of over 2.5 million app downloads, proving its universal appeal. On top of that, it has raised over $21 Mn funds from big names like Sequoia. With offices in Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai, they’re looking for talented folks with a passion for real-world problem-solving. 

Get in touch with Tapzo here for your dream job.


dream job at greedygame

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you hate random ad popups during a game session? For me, it is full 10. What’s more irritating is these annoying ad popups are in every mobile game these days.
That’s the exact problem GreedyGame is solving today. If ad popups were the cancer of mobile gaming, GreedyGame is the cure.

GreedyGame is a native advertising platform for mobile games and apps. It uses the existing content in the game and brands it in real time. This content could be characters or objects that are central to the game.
For instance, if you’re playing cricket, you may see a billboard with an ad for Airtel outside the boundary.

This ad won’t pop up on the screen and interrupt your shot. And that’s the whole point – improving user experience.
This ensures a smooth user experience as well as neat profits for advertisers and publishers. Currently, GreedyGame counts bigwigs like Pepsi, EA, Airtel and others as their advertisers. And they’re looking for out of the box thinkers to solve some unique problems in this space.

Want your dream job with a kick-ass startup? Look no further. They’re hiring here.


dream job at docon

DocOn is on a mission to digitise the doctor-patient interaction! Their first product is an app for paediatricians to digitise their practice. Using DocOn’s Pediatric Software, doctors can maintain prescription records, plot on latest growth charts, vaccination reminders, development milestones for kids etc.

For users this means all their medical records go digital. No more storing paper prescription and taking it to the doc every time you visit. All your medical records stay in your pocket to take anywhere you like. Pretty nifty huh!

Determined to solve healthcare problems using technology, DocOn is looking for passionate, hard workers to join their small team. Want to see the impact of your contribution on thousands of patients every day? Drop in here to get your dream job with DocOn.


dream job at pharmeasy

When we’re getting daily food home-delivered every day, why not medicine? It surely makes more sense than any other delivery service promising food under “30 minutes”.

With this singular aim, the latest to join the home-delivery bandwagon is PharmEasy. PharmEasy is an online medicine delivering service that also offers diagnostic tests in the comfort of your home. On top of being super convenient, they also offer 20% discount on all orders.

Pharmeasy was started with a mission – healthcare is a basic necessity and should be provided to everyone. They also want to eradicate fake medicines in circulation and construct a feedback loop for pharma companies enabling them to make better drugs.

Want your dream job with a game-changing startup? Find them here.


dream job at amazon

This fortune 100 company offers everything under the sun and quite literally so. From napkins to cloud infrastructure, they do it all. For a company of their stature, you’d think that they’ll tap India’s untouched markets sooner. They didn’t.

So, being a late entrant, logic says Amazon should be the one to play catch up. But it’s not. Instead, it keeps the competition exhausted from all the catching up they have to do to match Amazon. Wondering how it does that? Here’s how. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, recently pledged to invest another $3 billion in Amazon India, bringing the total investment to $5 billion.

Amazon is so big and well known that talking about career prospects at Amazon almost seems silly. You already know what it takes to work with one of the most innovative companies in the world. So, if you’re looking for your dream job in all the wrong places, stop. Amazon is hiring experimental problem solvers here.

And that’s a wrap! Well, only for this post. If you’re still hungry for more companies to find your dream job, we welcome you here.

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