3 Clever Ways to Become Irreplaceable at Work

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How to Become Irreplaceable at Work?

But not everyone is replaceable.
As such, there are many examples of employees turning into irreplaceable assets at their companies. They just added value that, if not huge, was certainly unique to them.
Whether it’s charisma, love for deadlines, customer handling, internal operations, taking initiatives and so on, a truly irreplaceable employee isn’t so obvious at the surface.
It’s what they do, not quite show, that has bosses hanging onto them at any cost.
No matter your profile, becoming an indispensable asset of a company is a no-brainer. Because today, workplaces have evolved into institutions where hard work and dedication are not enough.
You need to shine out in the office to make your mark. And on cue, here are 3 things that can help you become irreplaceable at work.

Be UniqueHow to become irreplaceable at work

Stand out from the crowd but don’t be an obnoxious know-it-all.
People will always seek out intelligent coworkers, but no one wants to work with a self-obsessed freak.  
Don’t take being unique the wrong way. A-List employees don’t seek attention. Your uniqueness will be apparent from your exemplary work, not your theatrics in the office.

Irreplaceable employees also don’t crib. They demand high standards of themselves and their work. Their every move is strategically aligned to company’s future goals. And that coupled with their creative output is what makes them truly unique.

So how can you start being unique?
Easy tip – Be humble and focus on work. You’ll be an inspiration for the rest.
Pro tip – Keep your identity fresh and innovative by asking for additional job responsibilities, creating cross-functional knowledge, and volunteering for committees, boards and leadership positions.

Be a LearnerHow to become irreplaceable at work

Learning continuously is an obvious idea.
Your manager or employer will see you as an asset if you outgrow your role repeatedly. A learner is always held in high regard than any other kind of employee.
Many companies offer continued learning programs to increase employee value and ensure loyalty. If your company has such classes, sign up immediately. That’ll be your first tangible effort at being irreplaceable.
Your efforts to learn earlier than everybody else is a strong positive signal to your manager. And of course, you get more knowledge, better skills and a gigantic exposure. None of which can be easily gained from outside the industry.

Be a master of at least one thingHow to become irreplaceable at work

There are two advantages if you’re a pro at any one skill. Where being pro means you’re better than everyone around you at one thing, no matter how big or small.
First advantage –  your colleagues regard you a master of this one quality/skill. That means respect. But, more importantly, that also means positive publicity in the office and the next step to becoming an irreplaceable employee.
Believe me, this is one exception where you want the word to spread on its own. More your specialised skill gets attention from your peers, more chances you have of getting noticed by the managers. Once in their good graces, you’re far from expendable.
Second benefit – you’ll actually troubleshoot for your peers. Meaning, your help will be that great thing which strengthens the bond between you guys. It’ll be as if you’re preaching employee engagement without having a boss tell you so. You just finished half the work for your boss. Nothing screams indispensable employee more than this.
And even if you like keeping to yourself, you bring these colleagues under your favour by helping them out. Now they figuratively owe you. Power games, huh!
And that’s it.
I know there are a ton of obvious things I didn’t mention such as Office Lingo, Networking, Positive Attitude and more. I didn’t because they’re obvious. You only need these 3 tips. They will change the way you work and your road to becoming indispensable in office will become a smooth one.
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