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With Instahyre Blogs where our team shares hiring insights,tips and lessons learned about candidate engagement, technology in hiring, employer branding and all aspects of recruitment to help you become a 10X recruiter.

Remote Hiring

Embrace the transition from working from the office to work from home transition with tips and tricks that will help you stay ahead.

DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)

The future is here, time to be the most inclusive work environment you can possibly provide. Get, set, and become a diverse, pro-equality, and inclusive company.

Employer Branding

The market has become candidates first, have you changed your strategies accordingly? Become a brand no candidate can refuse

Candidate Engagement

It is essential to keep candidates engaged throughout the recruitment process. Because the way you treat candidates during the recruitment process will ultimately influence how they will view your company in the future.

Future of Work

Recruitment is all set to change. The world has been moving at a rapid pace and we have witnessed a technology upsweep! Recruitment has evolved and has taken up a different form.

Hiring Tips

Learn how to create and improve your hiring process to increase employee quality and retention.

Candidate Onboarding

Streamlining employee the onboarding process not only impresses new employees but also reduces the workload of the HR team.

Technology in Recruitment

The time has come to adopt certain recruitment technologies to simplify your recruitment process. If not now, then when? The plethora of available technologies continues to increase, whereas adoption remains low.

Talent Acquisition & Culture

In order to recruit and hire the best talent, companies must align their planning and talent acquisition strategy across departments in order to identify, target, and attract the most qualified candidates for a given role.