How to Create Perfect Job Descriptions

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How to create The Perfect Job Description

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Are you frustrated by the response rate of your job posts and descriptions? Do candidates drop out of interviews at the last minute? Are prospects using your job offer to negotiate a better package in their current job or at your competitor, leaving you in the lurch? We get it.

Instahyre is already solving recruiters’ problems with its software, and here’s the icing on the cake: Instahyre Academy , a free portal to practical insights distilled from the best brands! Sharpen your hiring skills by upskilling through informative & entertaining videos.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • How Stripe makes its job postings unique
  • How do Netflix, Uber and Airbnb use words that attract the best talent
  • How using video helped Notion win the war for talent
  • How to build teams by learning best practices from the most innovative companies

Course Content

What Netflix & Stripe do to Make Their Job Posts Attractive

Where Slack & Notion Insert Power Words to Attract Talent?

How do Uber & Airbnb Get the Tone Just Right in Their JDs?

Why Stripe & Notion Leverage Video to Engage Candidates

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